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Past Projects

Community Health 


We completed an entire MDF buildout which included server racks/equipment, basket trays, and cable management systems. 

We also installed and terminated all of their new CAT6 and Fiber cabling.


Wayne Township Fire Department


We upgraded the Wayne Township Fire Department’s network by

installing new Wireless Access Points, a Cradle Point cellular router,

and all the associated data cabling.


Modern Trailer

Over the years we have completed various projects for Modern Trailer in Anderson, Indiana.

We installed their surveillance system, cleaned up their data center,

ran CAT6 cables to various locations, and recently installed a Wildix VoIP Phone system for over 35 users.


West Electric

We recently installed a new Wildix VoIP Phone system in order to give West Electric greater flexibility.

The ability to take calls from anywhere and have multiple devices per extension has made communication a breeze and in turn increased their productivity. 



We recently completed a networking project at Accutech that included

building out a completely new data center, running new Cat6 data cabling, and installing Wireless Access Points. 


Essential Senior Health & Living


We installed a 170 User Wildix VoIP Phone System at Essential Senior Health & Living!

Their phone system operates across 4 different sites across the state.


Boyce Systems


We installed an 88 user Wildix VoIP Phone system at Boyce. 

Their employees quickly fell in love with all their new features, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Their Wildix Unified Communications system helped them have a smooth transition to their WFH environments.