Ambit Technology Group 


Ambit means the scope, extent or boundary of something. The root word of ambition. The determination to achieve success in a chosen field. And to achieve success, you need to be good at what you do.

But Ambit Enterprises is more than that. We are the meaning and foundation of professionalism.

We feel that the customer is most important. In a market where price is the only thing most competitors are selling, we believe in value added services. Our prices are very competitive and we back it up with knowledgeable people that do outstanding work. Every project is done at the highest quality and our customers know they got more than they paid for. We keep our promises, show up on time, meet deadlines and produce results. So why do customers choose Ambit Enterprises. Because we know when to listen and we also know what we are talking about. Its rare today to find a company that truly knows what your needs are and will produce economic and extraordinary results.


Ambit Technology Group
5863 W 600 N
Middletown, IN 47356

(765) 533-7000
FAX (765) 533-3555

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